Defensive Driving

What is Defensive Driving?

Many of us know that when we get a traffic ticket we may be eligible to take traffic school to help minimize the penalties. However, lots of drivers are uninformed about all of the benefits that taking a traffic school course can offer! Whether it’s removing points from your driving record or mandated by the court, traffic school can do so many things for your driving skills. The first thing to point out is there are many different types of traffic school courses. For example, the state of CA has several driving related courses; DUI education programs (court mandated), insurance discount (voluntary), new driver behind the wheel training (voluntary), defensive driving courses, (court mandated or voluntary), etc. If you think you may be required to take a specific type of traffic course, you can check with your court or local DMV for more information. If you know you need to take a defensive driving course, try! They’re accepted by all courts in the state of CA and you can try the entire course for free!

But what does defensive driving mean, anyway? Defensive driving is not so much a topic as it is a method of driving or way of thinking behind the wheel. Defensive Driving, also known as driver improvement, seeks to equip its students with driver safety skills that have been compiled from years of research and are designed to reduce the number of traffic collisions on state roadways, further drivers’ knowledge, and enhance the overall driving experience for all of its students. Defensive driving is not only a traffic safety course that you can take, but it is also a style of driving that works to keep everyone safe; either behind the wheel or sharing the roadway. One of the major principles of defensive driving is that driving skills is centered on the ability to react quickly and efficiently to other drivers’ mistakes. Another important aspect is routine vehicle maintenance – defensive driving seeks to prevent any traffic incident; including vehicle malfunction, so one of its main topics is preventative upkeep for your vehicle .

So, why should you take an online defensive driving course? Well, frankly, sometimes you don’t have a choice. For example, if you receive a moving violation in the state of Arizona and the infraction is severe enough to be considered a criminal violation, the court may require you to take a defensive driving course. On the contrary, let’s say you are driving to get the kids from school one day and you make an error that many California native drivers make – you pull “California Roll” at a stop sign. You may unconsciously roll through that neighborhood stop sign almost every time you make that trip, only this time you got ticketed for it. Luckily, in the state of California, you can take a defensive driving course once every year. Taking traffic school in California will prevent points from appearing on your public driving record (which keeps your insurance premiums from increasing), whereas points are removed from your driving record in other states.

Regardless of the reason that you are taking a driver improvement course, we hope that you are excited to do so. When it comes to driving, there is nothing more important that keeping yourself and your passengers safe. So why wouldn’t you want to learn some new or refresh some old skills that are aimed to do just that. Again, try looking at to get more of a feel for what an online defensive driving course can offer. What can it hurt? The whole course is free to try! Drive Safe!

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